A Difficult, but Appropriate Decision to Cancel the 2020 Tolland Antiques Show

     Our thoughtful and deliberate Antiques Show director, Mary-Pat Soucy, in consultation with the Tolland Historical Society board, has made the appropriate decision to cancel the 2020 show.
     In a letter to past dealers, she wrote that “with declining markets and unpredictable income, the prudent decision for this year is to focus all of our efforts on our Court House.”     
     She was referring to the large capital project the society is undertaking to restore its 1822 Court House Museum cupola and bell tower. Soucy, who also handles major fundraising events for the society, is planning fundraising opportunities to raise about $150,000 for the project in 2020.
     This was a difficult decision after running a successful show for 53 years, but we have to focus on preserving our beautiful museum on the Tolland Green.
     Kathy Bach
     Tolland Historical Society

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