Dealers announced for the 51st Annual Tolland Antiques Show on April 23

     People have been asking which dealers will be included in the 51st Annual Tolland Antiques Show on April 23 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Tolland Middle School at 1 Falcon Way in Tolland.
     Well, here they are: Glenn Allard, Patina Art & Antiques; Barbara Ardizone, Brian Bartizek, Martha & Pam Boynton, Hollis Brodric, Don Brodrick, Brett Cabral, Richmond House; Ron Chambers, Joseph Collins, Stephen Corrigan, Stephen-Douglas Antiques; Brian Cullity, Brian Cullity Antiques; Nancy Cummings, John Doing, Karen Alexander Antiques; Colette Donovan, Martin Ferrick Antiques; Michael Flynn, Ryan Fox, Stiles House Antiques; John D. Gould, Susanne Gray, Charles M. Guinpero, Pantry Box Antiques; Brian Henley, New England Home Antiques; Holly Kahn Fine Antiques & Justin Cobb, Captain’s Quarters; Bill Kelly, Richard Kenney, Matt King, David & Donna Kmetz, Jay Kohler, West Hill Farm Antiques; Korzick Antiques, Bob & Sue Kozub, EsterGilbert Antiques; Emily & Irma Lampert, Wenham Cross Antiques; Tom Landers, Palisades Trading Co.; Bill & Lori Lawlor, Richard Lawrence Green, Thomas Longacre, John Hunt Marshall, Joseph Martin, Laura McCarthy, Bayberry Antiques; Ian McKelvey, Charles Muenchinger, Daniel & Karen Olson, Paula Patterson, Ken & Robin Pike, Sharon Platt, Sharon Platt American Antiques; Derik D. Pulito, Doug Ramsey, D&R Antiques; Sheila Robbins, Michael Rouillard, Quiet Corner Antiques; Susan & David Ryan, Denise & Sam Scott, Denise Scott Antiques; Lewis W. Scranton, Lucinda & Michael Seward, Kathy & Paul Steinberg, Sasha’s Antiques; Judy Stellamach, Blue Dog Antiques; David Thompson, Antiques & Art; Thomas Thompson, Michael A. Weinberg, West Pelham Antiques and Carol Wojtkun.
     Admission is $9, and parking is free.  
     We hope to see a great turnout for this show, which is the Tolland Historical Society’s major fundraiser.
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