Here’s your Wednesday update on the bell tower restoration at the Old Tolland County Court House Museum

Restoration vs “repair or replace”: the question continues comes up during this project in various forms as to why it’s taking so long.
It’s taking a long time because this is a “restoration” of a 199-year-old building, preserving as much of the original as possible. A portion of the funding for this project is coming from a State Historic Preservation Office grant, the office which approved the engineering plans and assists throughout.
The attached photos highlight recently completed restoration work on the eight bell tower columns that support the copper cupola dome. You can see where the damage caused by water was replaced by new wood inlays, a new capital (top of the column) and finished with epoxy.
This step is a work of art, and once it was complete, it took five-plus days for the epoxy to cure.
Yes, the wood is as smooth as it looks!
The Tolland Historical Society is continuing to raise money to cover an unexpected $24,000 cost to deal with the rotting timbers inside the bell tower.Donations can be made online at or by mail to Tolland Historical Society, P.O. Box 107, Tolland, CT 06084. Thank you in advance for a gift of any size.

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