Come Grow with the Historical Society at the Benton Homestead

This summer, the Daniel Benton Homestead Museum is making its garden space available to Tolland people or groups.

It is inviting up to five families, residents, friends or groups to adopt a raised bed at the property at 154 Metcalf Road for the growing season. It will be up to the group or people to grow vegetables, pollinators or flowers in the beds, which are about 3-feet wide by 15-feet long.

They will also have to tend the garden while the museum will provide the raised bed and water (depending on weather conditions.) No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or invasive species, please.We prefer annuals. If you do put in perennials, you will be responsible for removing them when the gardens are put to bed for the winter.

Your design does not have to recreate a colonial garden.Anyone who is interested should write up or draw a proposal for the bed and send it to Museum Director Gail Usher, 2 Bungay Hill Road, Woodstock, CT 06281 or by email to by May 20.

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