Free circa 1900 bottle to all who attend talk about antique bottles on June 11

Here’s another fascinating talk coming up on June 11 that’s sponsored by the Tolland Historical Society.

The Tolland Historical Society will host a talk about collecting antique bottles on Sunday, June 11 that will feature collector Ben Trowbridge of Tolland.

Each visitor will receive a circa 1900 bottle and a second bottle each if more than 50 people attend the talk, which is set for 2 p.m. in the shed area of the Old Tolland County Jail and Museum at 52 Tolland Green in Tolland.

Trowbridge will discuss local bottles of interest from Coventry, Willington and the Westford village in Ashford. He will also discuss the value of antique bottles and show audience members how to quickly determine the age of almost any bottle.

Trowbridge, who says that collecting antique bottles is a fun hobby, will also provide a free appraisal of one bottle per visitor.

The talk is free, but donations to support the Historical Society are always appreciated.

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