About Us

It is the mission of the Tolland Historical Society, Inc. to promote community awareness of local history. We do this by operating and maintaining our three museums with programs and exhibits for the school classes and the general public, publishing books available in our museum store as well as other materials relevant to Tolland History.

Offices in the Old Tolland County Jail & Museum,
52 Tolland Green  Click for Map to location
Mailing Address P.O. Box 107, Tolland, CT 06084
Telephone 860 870-9599

Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs 

  Name  Position  Term  Ends
Officers      Kathy Bach President 2017
  Kate Farrish Vice President 2017
  Kate Farrish Secretary 2017
  Richard Knight Treasurer 2017
Directors         Gail White Usher Benton Homestead 2017
Ni-Ni Reinard Court House 2017
Kathy Bach Jail Museum 2017
  Barbara Cook Archives 2017
  Cathy Wilcox Membership 2018
  Celeste Senechal and Mary-Pat Soucy Programs 2018
  Richard Knight Fundraising 2018 
   Kate Farrish Public Relations 2018
Committees  Jaden Delgobbo Sponsorships 2018
Peter Brown Endowments 2017
Vacant Publications 2018
Sharon Hiller  Retail Sales 2017
Mary-Pat Soucy Antiques Show 2018
Carol Bernier Hospitality 2018
Kate Farrish Publicity 2018
Dave Geissler Buildings/Grounds 2018
Perne Maynard Media 2018
Sharron Laplante At-Large 2018
Meghan Gifford (Intern) Collections 2018